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Dog Walking/Visits

Are you out at work all day? Going out for the day? Perhaps unexpectedly called away from home, or elderly and find it difficult to walk your dog? Then this is the service for you.

Often dogs that are left alone for long periods, deprived of regular structured exercise and social interaction, can become lethargic or destructive. A walk helps provide the mental and physical stimulation that your dog needs.

Our dog walks are tailored to your requirements, simply tell us how you would like us to spend that time with your dog


Most walks involve collecting your dog from home, taking him for a walk on his lead and then returning him home, tired and happy. We also dry his paws and coat if necessary, give him fresh water and leave him cuddled and settled. If you require us to feed your dog please let us know. 

Dogs are preferably walked on lead. We have long leads and Flexi-leads which we can use at the park or fields so that the dogs get a run and a good 'sniff-about'.  If you have more than one dog then we can walk them together. If you insist your dog be walked off lead you will need to sign a disclaimer and be confident your dog has an excellent recall.

Your dog(s) can be walked alone or with other friendly dogs. If you would like your dog to socialise with other dogs, he/she must be friendly towards other dogs. All walks start from your home. We try to walk the dogs in a variety of places wherever possible and take along toys and treats to play games, maybe do a little informal training, and generally have fun during the walk. 

 At each visit, a daily visit log can be left advising you of anything you need to know about that day's dog walk. Or if you prefer we can text you after each walk to reassure you that your dog is fine.

 Times are from pick-up to return.

 Or if you prefer that your dog is not walked but still requires a visit, whether for feeding, to be let out, or for some love and attention the prices below will apply 


Dog WalkingAmount Per Visit
Initial consultationFree
30 minute visit
45 minute visit£8.50
60 minute visit£10.00
Additional dog Charge to be discussed
Mileage Charges£0.40 only applicable over 7 miles

*Additional surcharge for weekend walks/visits may apply

*Rates are subject to change without notice