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Puppy Care



You have now made the decision to add another member to your family - your puppy

The first few months of a puppy's life are the most important and ideally the puppy should be exposed correctly to a broad range of experiences, noises, animals, traffic, people, children etc as soon as possible. Young dogs can overcome situations very quickly if exposed to these experiences on a daily basis. A well-socialised puppy is more likely to be confident and very sociable.

In a perfect world you would be able to stay at home most of the time to ensure your puppy's needs are met, but in the real world there will be times when you need to leave your puppy, whether it's work commitments, appointments, or social activities.

To ensure your dog is happy and content a dog needs attention, structure and routine, mental and physical stimulation as well as love and affection. If your dog does not receive this care it can lead to unwanted behaviours such as destructiveness, chewing, whining and barking.

A small puppy needs to toilet every few hours, and a puppy that is let out and encouraged to toilet regularly, will become house-trained more quickly

My daily visits can help give support for those times when you aren't available at home.

Together we can tailor-make the activities you would like me to do with your puppy during a visit.

General puppy visits include;

  • Letting your dog out into the garden for a toilet break
  • Cleaning up any 'little accidents'
  • Give him/her fresh water
  • Feed him/her if required
  • Play with your dog with appropriate toys such as raggers, balls or squeakys.
  • Advise on his/her training if requested, teaching heelwork on the lead, sits, downs, stays, recalls etc. 
  • Give lots of fuss and cuddles!
  • Leave your pup tired, happy and settled.

I can also text you after each visit to reassure you that your puppy is fine and to let you know what activities we did today!

When your puppy has had its full vaccinations, make use of our dog walking service which will enable your puppy to get used to the big wide world  


Puppy home care visit

Amount per visit

Initial consultation


 30 minute visit


45 minute visit


60 minute visit


Mileage surcharge

Over seven miles 40 pence per mile


*Additional surcharge for weekend walks/visits may apply


*Rates are subject to change without notice